why do nipples just get randomly erect what do u kno that i dont titty

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Is that a Japanese food pun sticker in your pocket or are you just happy sashimi?


Is that a Japanese food pun sticker in your pocket or are you just happy sashimi?

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Bait Detail - Alyssa Monks - Contemporary Oil Artist Interview and Studio Visit, 2010 | Website

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"In biology I learned about fish and snails and such that changed sex, and at the time I was reading these biology books and idly thinking, “Oh, how interesting.” But ideas like that have been incorporated into science fiction here and there, and especially Ursula K. Le Guin wrote a book called The Left Hand of Darkness in which she explored races like that and their culture, and how their biology intertwines with their culture. The people living on that planet change their sex while growing up. Normally, they’re sort of neither sex. When I read that book, I thought it was so fascinating and was inspired by it. So I created a character who hadn’t differentiated into one sex yet, and had to choose whether they become male or female at puberty, and I had so much fun creating this character. The reason I had so much fun is, girls are put into boxes ever since they’re small, being told they must act like girls. And although there might be much more to their personalities than that, like climbing trees, being loud, running down hallways, things like that, girls don’t do any of those things. Girls like that will be categorized as tomboys, and while feeling incredibly impaired by that, there was still a part of me who thought, “No, I’m a girl so this is how I must act,” and was suppressing myself. But Frol from They Were Eleven! isn’t a boy or a girl yet, so no matter what they did, no one was going to tell them “But you’re a girl.” I wrote that character thinking “They’re so lucky,” and yearning to be like them."

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松島花 (Hana Matsushima): Oggi





Notice only 20 shades of gray

It’s been proven that women actually have an acute ability to pick up subtle differences in colors

In response to that last comment^^

Yes. It comes from the Hunter-Gatherer days.

Women were the gatherers. They had to be able to discern between the different shades of colors to know which plants were poisonous and which were not.

Men were out hunting, so they didn’t have to worry about that.

Which is why women see “Blood orange” and “crimson” and “scarlet” etc while guys just see “red”.

Well, that explains…

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Anonymous said: i had a dream about magical girls that had super strength/agility, but instead of wearing a special outfit they would shed their skin and turn into a skeleton.



I’d watch that



I enjoy the simpler things in life, like sitting down with a good long gay fanfic.

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on the plus side, I found something that finds your untagged posts if you want to go back and ya know

tag em


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The Stuff my Mother Does as a Health care professor

  • Mum: Fuck the system I don't have to time to be training people who will save lives I wanna watch breaking bad goddammit.
  • Mum *reading someones exam paper* : Thats its ... If i ever get ill don't send me to a hospital. I don't want my life entrusted with these idiots. Just Kill me.
  • Mum *on the phone to my headteacher*: Listen here Deloris Umbridge.
  • Mum *talking to my teacher*: I understand my child is lazy and keeps sleeping in class but putting them in a room with no-one to supervise them with a maths textbook isn't going to help.
  • Mum *talking to my teacher*: Why don't you try and educate them in animation form. I did that with my students. I showed them this japanese anime about doctors and it showed them that curing patients with love don't work and you always have to tie your hair back.
  • Mum *getting in between a girl and a boy arguing about what hurts more*: Right Look here. Period pains, testicles being kicked and giving birth are all painful things. But you know whats the most painful experience someone can through?? Burning alive. And if you don't shut up that's exactly what I'm going to do to you.
  • Mum *punches homophobe in the face*: I'M STRAIGHT
  • Mum *talking to a homophobic group*: I Have lived across the world and i have seen people eating Crocodiles, ripping chickens heads off and mentaly unstable people reaching there limit. But what you are doing right now makes me worry the most.
  • Mum: My students were all asleep in my lecture at first i was offended but then i was like "now I can sleep"
  • Mum: I want to cosplay sailor moon
  • Mum: I was saying to my students that we had to dissect something all week and then when the day came i bought in a massive cake and said "DISSECT THAT BITCHES"
  • Mum: Someone thought i was a black women on the phone and then i just said I was cos why do they even care
  • Mum *gets prank call*: I will rip out your spine and replace it with a wooden plank and the use you as my puppet
  • Mum: what anime should I show to my class. Something about doctors.
  • Mum: What do you mean there is no anime about doctors.